Measured Data

Mass Loss Rate (MLR)

Mass loss rate [kg/s] was measured in the simultaneous thermal analyzer experiments at three heating rates: 3 K/min, 10 K/min, and 30 K/min.

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Derived Data

Melting Temperature and Enthalpy of Melting

Melting temperature [Tmelt] and the enthalpy of melting [kJ/kg] were derived quantities computed from data collected in simultaneous thermal analyzer experiments.

Value Mean Std. Dev.
Peak Melting Temperature (C) 251.8 0.4
Temperature at Onset of Melting (C) 224.1 3.8
Enthalpy of Melting (J/g) NaN NaN
Enthalpy of Melting (J/g-K) 15.3 0.7